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Food Intolerance Testing

Provided by Brunel Health

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Food intolerance testing kit

Brunel Health IgG Food Intolerance Testing

It is estimated that Food Intolerance could affect more than 9 million adults in the UK.


Adverse reactions to foods can cause problems such as:


·  IBS/Bloating

·  Skin Problems like Eczema & Psoriasis

·  Fatigue

·  Headaches & Migraines


These problems can occur anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days after eating your trigger foods, making it very difficult to self-identify your unique Food Intolerance reactions.

About The Test

The Brunel Health Next Generation Food Intolerance Test is very easy to complete, by taking a small finger prick blood sample which is sent to a specialist laboratory and analysed. The test will show reactions to 134 foods and drinks to accurately show your food-specific IgG antibody reactions.


Within 3 days you will receive a 12-page report, detailing your reactions on a scale of 0-5. You can view an example test report here


The test covers 10 food and drink categories:

·  Grains & Staples

·  Dairy & Eggs

·  Meat & Fish

·  Nuts, Seeds and Beans

·  Herbs, Spices & Oils

·  Vegetables

·  Fruit

·  Drinks

·  Alternative Milks

·  Protein Supplements

·  and many others

A full list of foods and drinks that are tested is listed below.


Please contact me to order the test, which can be completed in my Clinic or a testing kit can be sent to you directly at home

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